What a summer!

We are truly proud of all the progress we made with the help of our students. GNU social mentees have to submit code on the level of typical contributors without spoon-feeding and that's something achieved in all of ours GSoC editions.

A GNU social contributor deals with {reliability, software and computer security} engineering. Mastery with full-stack web development and git is acquired in a hands-on way without ever dismissing theoretical computer science teachings for optimal efficiency and effective designs.

GNU social is a beautiful software that follows GNU and UNIX philosophies by heart.

A big thanks for all the support of our lovely community and devs who have been with us in yet another great journey!

V3 Frontend

Proposed by Eliseu Amaro and mentored by Joshua Judson Rosen, Phablulo Joel, Daniel Supernault and Diogo Peralta Cordeiro

With the development of GNU social v3 and thus, the desire of improving the whole project,a new interface becomes essential. The broadened scope on this iteration is a perfect excuse for a better and more modern approach while maintaining in touch with the community needs.

The main objective was to find novel solutions to the platform's versatile nature. To achieve this, a simple but thoughtful design was conceived under visual hierarchy, color and modular design principles. Furthermore, novel approaches to templates, context information and semantic HTML made possible to restructure a block according to it's size and provide a cohesive experience even if the content provided comes from outside instances of the Fediverse.

Technical Report

V3 Backend

Proposed by Hugo Sales and mentored by Diogo Cordeiro and Alexei Sorokin

Technical Report

Pleroma FE

Proposed by Susanna Di Vita and mentored by Phablulo Joel and Diogo Cordeiro

Pleroma API frontend.

Technical Report