GNU social gnusocial

The free software social networking platform.



GNU social supports both single-user and community modes and can be used in an intranet environment or as part of the wider Free Network.


Follows AnyBrowser and A11Y guidelines. It runs virtually anywhere you can run a common piece of web software, such as WordPress or Drupal. JavaScript is optional.


True to the Unix-philosophy of small programs to do a small job, GNU social can be easily expanded and customized via its simple plugin API.

Privacy focused

GNU social is part of the GNU project, it's 100% free software, with no malicious features or spyware.

Decentralized social network.

Where can I join GNU social?

There are many kinds of GNU social server instances online right now!

Click here to see a list of popular GNU social sites you can join!

Disclaimer: Please note that the GNU social development team is not responsible for the operation or content of sites that run its software.

Support the team making GNU social possible!

Who makes GNU social?

Many developers have been involved in the making of GNU social. It's hard to keep a precise record of so many valuable contributions.

Version 3 development is being maintained by Diogo Cordeiro, Hugo Sales and Eliseu Amaro.

Version 2 development was maintained by Diogo Cordeiro with many important contributions from Alexei Sorokin and the help of Summer of Code students.

The project started with Matt Lee and StatusNet with Evan Prodromou. It was since been maintained by Mikael Nordfeldth.

A list of contributors is available here.


Discuss the project on:
IRC: ircs:// or

Contribute code, report bugs and request features on our repository.

You can also ask for help on our mailing list.

If you are a student you can also apply to GNU social's Summer of Code.

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